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In our knowledge base we have collected the questions you have asked our advisers. Click on a question to see the answer.

What colour frames are produced?

In addition to black, 11 other colours are available at the standard price. Additional colours and textures (e.g. anodised) are available at extra cost.

Is it easy to move?

Yes, the window moves smoothly and quietly for its size.
The stainless steel rails are fitted with at least two pairs of stainless steel rollers per panel, i.e. a minimum of 8. Additional rollers can be fitted if required.

Opening and closing is by push-button operation in the motorised version.

For which buildings are these windows recommended?

Wisiow sliding doors and fixed windows are made of Orama minimal aluminium profiles. This modular and flexible system makes them suitable for both residential and commercial applications. It can be used for retail premises, hotels, office buildings and also for the construction of detached houses.

Is it possible to make the window surface not transparent?

Yes. We offer several shading solutions to achieve the desired effect. In addition to concealed, enclosed shutters, automated strip curtains can also be installed.

What are the biggest advantages of wisiow windows?

Wisiow sliding doors and fixed windows combine timeless minimalist aluminium frames with the largest possible glass areas of up to 18 sqm through their unique design.

Is the frame really invisible?

The aluminium frames of the sliding doors and windows are concealed in the floor and ceiling. Only the 1-4 mm horizontal and 24 mm vertical profiles are visible. But even this is almost invisible compared to the size of the window surfaces.

The Wisiow frameless system is also available with a hidden rail. In this case, only an elegant small gap in the floor is visible in place of the open sliding track.


Can this window withstand the domestic climate?

Minimal frames and the quality glass they contain have been designed to be installed anywhere in the world, to suit local conditions from Dubai to Scandinavian countries.


Technical data

How high can a slab be?

The total height of the slabs can be up to 6.5 metres with a width of 3 metres. However, the total surface area should not exceed 12 m² for sliding doors.

What size windows are made?

The maximum size for sliding doors is 12m², for fixed windows 18 m². The total frame must not be more than 6,5 m high or 3 m wide.

How heavy is such a door/window?

The weight of a slab can range from 400-800 Kg.

What is the Uw value of the windows?

Depending on the size and type of glass, it can vary between 0.7-1.7 W/m²K.

What is the noise attenuation of the window?

Up to 39 dB quieter indoor environment. What does this mean? It’s the noise level of quiet human speech and a quieter bird chirping. That is, we no longer hear these sounds, and louder sounds are so much quieter.

Do sliding doors close securely around corners?

Of course. Even on open corners, Wisiow sliding doors close accurately and securely.

How has rainwater drainage been solved?

We use concealed rainwater drainage. Thanks to built-in innovation, water always flows in the desired direction.

What type of glazing can I order?

With two-layer (Wisiow Duo) and three-layer (Wisiow Trio) glass panels.

Orama systems have brought a real breakthrough to the world of minimalist sliding doors and windows. The almost imperceptible 24 mm narrow frames provide an unparalleled panoramic view.

About payment

Not only do we offer you premium sliding doors and fixed windows with internationally excellent value for money, we also offer you scheduled payment solutions.

How much does a window costs?

We make custom windows, based on customer requirements. The price is determined by the size of the panels, the glazing method, the width, the colour of the frame, the number of optional accessories.

Is there an instalment facility?

Scheduled payments are available for the purchase of windows.

How and at what rate do I pay for the windows?

Payment schedule: as a private individual, 50% of the total purchase price is payable when ordering a window and 30% on receipt of the goods. The remaining 20% must be paid within 8 days of installation.

Will I receive an invoice for my purchase?

Yes, our company issues VAT invoices in all cases.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card, bank transfer or cash.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card, bank transfer or cash.

Down payment or deposit?

Wisiow windows are made to your individual requirements. Although there are recommended and regulated sizes (max. height, max. width, max. sqm), we do not manufacture standard windows. Therefore, we ask for a deposit when signing the contract.

About the order

How long does it take to deliver?

4-12 weeks after order and first payment. The delivery time is influenced by the workload of our factory, the quantity ordered and the individual specifications.

Our staff will help you with the preliminary offer and keep you informed about the status of your order.

About the installation

We also have a well-trained in-house team and certified installation partners for the installation of minimum frame window systems.

Do you also do the installation?

We also have a well-trained in-house team and certified installation partners for the installation of Wisiow minimum frame window systems.

Are windows only installed in Budapest?

No, we do the installation with our own team and qualified subcontractors nationwide.

For cross-border orders, it is necessary to consult our colleagues about the installation.

Further questions

Do you also plan houses and buildings?

Yes, our architecture department can also design family houses and industrial properties.

How safe are these windows?

The burglar-proof locking system is uniquely designed for maximum protection.

The large glass surfaces are resistant to rain and wind.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, the track system can be easily kept clean with a simple vacuum cleaner. The hidden rail covers do not require any tools to remove.

Wisiow window systems offer the perfect combination of minimalism and performance.

About the partnership

Our partners include architects, investors and contractors.

Do you have a partner programme?

For designers, design offices, architecture studios. If you would like to add the Wisiow minimum frame window system to your portfolio, please contact us. Our registered partners have access to up-to-date product information and full design documentation. Log in or register to download protected content.

We also welcome applications from investment and construction companies, dealers and retailers. Do not hesitate to contact us!



Minden szakmai segítséget megadnunk azoknak a tervezőknek, akik Wisiow minimálkeretes ablakokat és tolóajtókat terveznek új vagy felújítás előtt álló épületekhez. Segéd- és prezentációs anyagok, szakmai / tervezési segédletek és sablonok biztosítják, hogy ön ilyen merész méretben is “láthatatlan” ablakokat és ajtókat tervezhessen.

Olyan minőségi eszközt adunk az építészek kezébe, mely minden elvárásuknak megfelel.  


About us

Why choose Minimalworks?

Experienced professionals. We have 80 engineers and specialists working for our customers.

We have been in Hungary for 15 years. In addition to our presence in Switzerland and Germany, it is of utmost importance to us that our customers in Hungary can reach us in the future.

About Minimalworks

Minimalworks is our minimalist architecture solutions company. We design innovative buildings and are responsible for the sales and distribution networking of minimalist window systems in Hungary on behalf of TMinds GmbH of Switzerland, as well as providing expert advice and design services at our showroom in Budapest.


Wisiow is backed by strong intentions, well-funded businesses and a significant professional team. Sliding doors and fixed windows are manufactured and installed with the utmost care.

About Orama

Wisiow window and sliding door systems are made of Orama profiles. Orama is not only stunningly innovative, but also meets all the relevant architectural criteria. That is why we have chosen their solutions for the production of Wisiow systems.

Although Wisiow minimal framed windows is the youngest business in our group, we have been at home in the construction industry for over a decade and a half. A solid financial backing, an experienced engineering team and numerous innovations are associated with our brands.